Lapin Lukko Boxing Club in the heart of Lapland

LAPIN LUKKO, since 1953

Is your goal to train efficiently, with motivated and expert guidance, in a top-comfortable team and cheaply without large investments? If you answered yes, boxing could be your form of fitness or even your competitive sport.

In Lapin Lukko boxing division, there are over hundred enthusiasts of different levels and fitness, as well as competitive athletes of all ages. Everyone can train and exercise on their own level, according to their own skills, more or less purposefully.

You are Welcome! Our boxing gym is right in the middle of the city of Rovaniemi, old post building Postikatu 1. (Yellow big building right opposite of buss station and next to the railway station.

Intrested starting a new hobby? 

Contact our trainers and coaches!

Amateur boxing coach Mika Sillanmäki, 040 5456 806,

Fitness boxing trainer Anu Sillanmäki, 0400 231 444,

Beginner courses PT and sports adviser Mona Ylivirta,

Young fitness boxers aged 10 - 15 years, trainer Teuvo Kokkonen, 040-5885 862,⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

Lapin Lukko Nyrkkeily 

Postikatu 1

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